Sitemap - 2021 - Karl Dickey

New cases and deaths from COVID in Florida continue to decline

U.S. House votes for $550 billion in new spending, promises higher spending bill passage before Thanksgiving

District 20 special primary Democratic Party results expected next Friday

U.S. Supreme Court to decide if New York gun law violates U.S. Constitution

Biden says reports his administration will pay immigrants $450,000 are 'garbage'

Leader of MS-13 in Honduras Added to the FBI’s List of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, $100,000 reward offered

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Urges Sen. Booker’s Nutrition Hearing to Address Rising Obesity Rates With Plant-Based Diet

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes to West Palm Beach to discuss mandates and election fraud

Amazon launching test satellites to bring internet to under served areas

U.S. House District 20 primary winners to face Libertarian Mike ter Maat in January

Youngkin wins Virginia and Republicans win most assembly races

Roger Stone suggests he may run for governor against Ron DeSantis in 2022

Special session in two weeks for Florida legislators — focus on jobs and vaccines

Most Americans feel America headed on the wrong track and disapprove of Joe Biden's job performance

Tomorrow's District 20 Primary winner will face Libertarian in January

Prince Andrew says he never had sex with Virginia Giuffre, Barclays chief Jes Staley steps down

Florida continues to do well with COVID-19 response

Health officials likely to change the definition of vaccination yet again

G20 elected officials talk about China, climate change, energy prices, and COVID while in Rome

Should the unvaccinated pay more for health insurance?

Federal government has spent $3.2 trillion on COVID-19, where has the money gone?

Where the $7.7 trillion in federal spending goes

Florida's Dept of Health out with latest COVID-19 "situation report" - death to population remains under .2%

Most Americans feel medical professionals should treat those without COVID vaccinations

Hurricane Henri has the Northeast in its sights

Now Californians have a choice between 46 candidates to be their next governor in recall election

Student mask mandate for Palm Beach County schools remains off the table

About half of Palm Beach County residents have been fully vaccinated

Almost $31 billion of unemployment benefits have been given in Florida

United We Stand virtual event scheduled for July 4th weekend by Free & Equal

Most Americans want to end the "War on Drugs" but Biden ain't budging

Will all U.S. Private Vault clients get their safe deposit contents back from the FBI?

Libertarian Party of Florida state convention ends with new executive committee in Lakeland

Bitcoin continues rise as government prints dollars and Musk continues to tweet

Celebrity Cruises plans first departure from Fort Lauderdale in over a year

Florida Ballpark to host NCAA Tournament

Major tobacco case to be heard by Florida Supreme Court this Wednesday

Piper Aircraft to sponsor all female air race team

Vegan restaurant expands from Fort Lauderdale to Riviera Beach

Tony Robbins sits down with Sanjay Gupta to discuss brain health

Travel like a pro with these six tips as the summer travel season officially kicks off

Texas judge ends courtroom prayer

Florida public schools soon to change the way civics are taught

Still no affirmed motive behind shooting at gun-free zoned VTA light rail yard in San Jose, California

The future is vegan according to yet another survey

Florida Congressional District 20 candidate Mike ter Maat visits Libertarians in Palm Beach County

Rand Paul's amendment to permanently ban funding of gain-of-function research passes U.S. Senate

Fla Governor DeSantis: Florida teachers and principals to receive raise and $1,000 bonus

Nine dead after shooting in gun free zone at California rail yard

Amazon agrees to acquire MGM in $8.45 billion deal which includes the James Bond catalog

One cup of green leafy vegetables daily is key to reducing blood pressure

Breeze Airways starts flying next week with $39 fares

Biden administration proposes global minimum corporate tax which will adversely hurt the poor

Deaths from COVID-19 continue to drop in Florida

Palm Beach County parents express their anger over school board regarding masks on their children

Taxpayers on the hook for new Delray Beach EV charging station electricity, contrary to them being told it is "free"

Vegan and vegetarian food market growing rapidly

Dominican Republic congressman arrested in Miami for involvement in illegal supply and demand business

Education spending increased under Trump admin to $13,187 per student

Palm Beach County resident gets 24 months in prison for evading the theft of his income via federal income taxes

Those who have never married is on the rise in the United States

Ten have filed to be Florida's next governor

Another study shows benefits of taking an aspirin a day

President Biden's job approval ratings continue to drop, border wall continues

Italy opening up for American travelers

New large scale study suggests going vegetarian can help most people live longer, healthier lives

Floridians can now take their cocktails to go from a restaurant

Biden administration takes money from COVID-19 response and deviates it to immigration

DeSantis attacks news media for poor journalism in their coverage of his handling COVID-19 response - and he's right

Florida strengthens voter confidence in bill expected to be signed by Governor DeSantis, what is in the bill

Bill heads to Governor DeSantis' desk to curb abusive police practices

Will we all be forced to eat vegan for Biden to reach his climate change goals?

Florida could be up for a major shift of elected officials in 2022

Another man leaves death row, convicted of a murder he did not commit

Boca Raton Police to be out in force to quash the fun of The Boca Bash

Congressional earmarks may be rearing their ugly head once again

Elon Musk warns of population collapse: 'You do not want the youth effectively enslaved to take care of the elderly'

Jimmy Buffett to perform with his daughter in Delray Beach in May

Deaths from COVID-19 continue to plummet in Florida

Top 10% pay 71% of the taxes, yet Biden wants them to pay more

Caitlyn Jenner is running to be California's next governor and Democrats are not happy

Marco Rubio’s Red Flag bill is a dangerous attack on the Second Amendment

Libertarians plan beach clean up in Boca Raton as part of Libertarian Day of Service

Cops harass teens riding on bikes "without a license" in New Jersey

Governor DeSantis signs protectionist agreement making the Seminole Tribe your exclusive bookie for sports gambling in Florida

Japan declares third state of emergency over COVID-19, says Summer Olympics will go on

Florida Libertarians to gather in Lakeland in June for state convention

More Americans seek other Americans to pay them a monthly check via government force, #MonthlyStimulusNOW

CDC issues next phase of the conditional sail order for cruise ship operators, does not include vaccine passports

Former Boca Raton Mayor Haynie pleads to lesser charge

National Libertarian Party and Florida Libertarian Party make statements on the potential for vaccine passports

Local Libertarians Encourage End of County’s Mask Mandate

The Bahamas and Crystal Cruises seek to reinvigorate tourism in the region, as first ocean cruise line to return to sailing in the Americas

Cessna is a step closer to its SkyCourier turoprop

More charges in Missouri State Rep Derges case of nearly $900,000 COVID-19 fraud scheme

Collaboration introduces a collection of mood-brightening recipe videos, curated meditations and mindful exercises via Whole Foods Market and Headspace

Evidence refutes "assault weapons" ban will decrease gun violence in America

Delray Beach man indicted for COVID-19 relief fraud, allegedly by using identities of elderly victims residing at senior living facilities

Kendall Jenner looks chic in a black-and-white blazer as she dines at upscale Italian spot Carbone — Distinct Today

$3T in more spending by Biden admin in the works ($18,000 per federal income tax paying American)

Former Republican Florida State Senator Arrested in Scheme to Fund Bogus ‘No Party’ Candidate — Independent Political Report

Bryan Cranston Has Provided A New Explanation Behind A Popular ‘Breaking Bad’ Theory

Florida Governor DeSantis Sends recommendations for Distribution of Federal Funds to Florida Legislature

Are sea levels rising in the United States as a result of human activity?

3 to 5 cups of coffee a day keeps the doctor away - for most

Aston Martin is out with their F1 Edition of the Vantage

How long do COVID-19 vaccines last? Bottom line is more studies are ongoing as we do not know

Sandals Resorts is having a St Patrick's Day Sale

One website for all the parking options when heading out of Fort Lauderdale airport

Poll Shows Voters Over 65 Reject Caps on THC Levels for Medical Cannabis

Florida's B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation holding raffle of big clothing-optional prizes with low cost of entry

COVID vaccine qualification for those 60+ starts on Monday in Florida

Turn your clocks forward this evening, daylight saving starts once again

Mexico's Congress approves marijuana legalization for all purposes

Kara Jones on how government has created inequities in health care

Boca Raton Airport installs new LED rotating beacon for pilots

Shaklee now has vegan omega-3 from algae

More Americans than ever are invested in the stock market

M1 Finance doubles in growth as app gains popularity with long term investors

Green Chef offers convenience and great tasting meal kits

Ziff oceanfront estate sells for $94 million in Manalapan

U.S. House to vote on $1.9 trillion in new spending today, Biden expected to sign this week

Delray Beach and Boca Raton voters keep incumbents in office, Boca changes qualifications to run for public office

50 years of failed climate predictions released by the Global Warming Policy Forum

Berkshire Hathaway continues to be one of the best vehicles for retirement

Delta Airlines offering deals from Palm Beach to many destinations

Bitcoin bounces back with a vengance and rises the price of related stocks

Men need to be more proactive with their health

Proposed federal laws would restrict gun rights

What is happening to Tesla and other tech stocks?

Palm Beach County home prices continue to rise

The will of Florida Keys voters may be overturned by Florida legislature

Bottoms up on another Florida alcohol law

Online sales tax measure is moving through the Florida legislature

Florida legislature attempts to cap amount of THC on medical marijuana, taking decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients

Delray Beach residents to choose from six for city commission tomorrow

U.S. House to vote on final $1.9 trillion new spending plan tomorrow

Opinion: Boca Raton voters to decide on 2 city council members and qualifying questions tomorrow

McDonald's adding plant-based burger "McPlant" in agreement with Beyond Meat

Where is that "Extra Penny" Sales Tax Approved by Voters in 2016 Going?

1.1 million signatures gathered to recall California Government Newsom

U.S. House version of $1.9 trillion stimulus to be officially presented on Monday and includes $1,400 payments to Americans

Successful Entrepreneurs Make the Rest of Us Richer — International Liberty

Palm Beach County real estate in high demand even though the pandemic

Where is Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma?