Sitemap - 2020 - Karl Dickey

Federal taxpayers to fund more stimulus today when Congress votes on large spending bill

Corporate Taxes and the Laffer Curve

DEA shuts down Chapel Hill North Carolina group seeking to enjoy the benefits of the free market system of cocaine distribution, fails to stop supply and demand

U.S. Space Force space professionals to be known as Guardians

Joe Biden looks to upend credit reporting by adding a government-run 'public credit reporting agency'

As Californians move to more tax-friendly states, it could affect Electoral votes and U.S. House seat

Trump's FDA seeks to deregulate frozen cherry pies, potassium chloride, and French dressing

California Governor Newsom's lockdown of the state having no effect in stopping spread of COVID-19

Trump's U.S. Treasury proposes more regulation to lessen privacy of Americans

Michigan man wins $25,000 lawsuit against parents for throwing away his porn collection

U.S. teen sent to jail for four months in Cayman Islands for not following quarantine orders

Boca Raton Resort & Club to lay off almost 1,000 as a result of COVID-19

Justin Amash introduces bill to end civil asset forfeiture

Bitcoin continues to soar, naysayers sit by in wonder and wait for it to crash

Another large study shows facial masks do not work to stop spread of COVID-19

Don't get scammed by those posing as IRS agents via text messaging

Was the 2020 election rigged? Of course, like all others.

Did Jo Jorgensen take the presidency away from Trump?

Biden takes presidency over Trump and Jorgensen

Florida voters choose to raise state's minimum wage

Lyft and Uber celebrate as California voters see drivers as independent contractors and not employees

Palm Beach County keeps the same people in office

Lyft offering discounted rides to the polls so more Americans can vote

Where the three presidential candidates stand on major issues facing Americans

Poll finds majority of college students feel rioting and looting is justified

Government health insurance subsidy marketplace website opens today, sign up through Dec. 15

Dr. Rand Paul Defends KY Hemp Industry Against Regulatory Overreach

Nebraska home baker lawsuit moves forward through court system

CDC to permit cruise ships to sail once again, under certain conditions

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen would cut spending like it’s 1945

Price of Bitcoin approaches $14,000 USD

When will Florida end daylight saving time, falling back and springing forward?

Seminole's "Guitar" Hotel receives top honors at Global Gaming Awards

Over 55% of Palm Beach County residents have already voted, 9.5 million in Florida have voted

Veganuary gains strength as over 1 million sign up to go vegan in January

News: CAO Launches Vision. — The Average Joe's Cigar Blog

Rihanna appears in Forbes list of richest women! — The curious

45 percent of Palm Beach County voters have already voted, 43 percent in all of Florida

Going green in your home during COVID

Tuesday's Take: Barrett confirmed for SCOTUS, 1 week to general election, 6 days to health insurance exchange opening

Vegans report eating healthier due to COVID-19

Survey Shows 47% of Those Laid Off or Furloughed Because of Pandemic Anticipate Holiday Debt

Esselstyn's Engine 2 now offering their plant-strong foods directly to consumers

Now is the time to build your immunity

Kennedy show on Fox Business restarts with Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen as guest

Fortune Magazine is out with its 'Most Powerful Women in Business' list

Ghislaine Maxwell's testimony in Jeffrey Epstein case to be released to the public

Tommy Lee and Bruce Springsteen are the latest celebs saying they'll leave the country if Trump is voted to continue as President of the United States

Over 17,000 Palm Beachers vote in person on first day of early voting, almost 25% of eligible voters have voted

Boca Raton City Council Seeking City Resident to Fill Temporary Seat

Pelosi sets up yet another red line on stimulus relief

Today is first day of early voting in Palm Beach County, 2.5 million have voted by mail in Florida

Florida Libertarians put out their 2020 voter guide on Florida amendments

More people use guns for self defense than die in car accidents each year in America

Almost 2 million ballots have already been cast in Florida

New study finds blood type-O is associated with a decreased risk for contracting SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 infection over type-A

Boca Raton officials vote to acquire money losing golf course

Tofurky challenges Louisiana's new law keeping them from labeling products as plant-based sausage or vegan ham, etc.

UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), the report was being slammed for its misleading headlines and misuse of data.

Going vegan this Thanksgiving has never been easier

Libertarian VP candidate Spike Cohen to visit Miami tomorrow

Brian Tracy teaches parents how to become a Super Parent

Lyft partners with Grubhub to offer Lyft Pink members complimentary membership to Grubhub+

Feds finally catch up to John McAfee, arrested and charged with tax evasion

Presidential Candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen visits NYC, Jersey City, Philadelphia to promote her platform of individual freedom

Palm Beach Examiner Voter Guide and Endorsements

Today is the last day to register to vote in the general election being held on November 3, 2020

Commentary: Jo Jorgensen wins the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Pierce Brosnan's Malibu Dream House on the Market for a Cool $100 million

U.S. doctors briefed on Russia's Sputnik V vaccine for COVID-19

SEC Charges Amazon Finance Manager and Family With Insider Trading

Fraud Claims Dismissed Against Pallas Holdings, LLC, Perian Salviola, & Kautilya "Tony" Sharma

$2.2 trillion of more federal spending on the table as House Democrats offer COVID-19 plan

1 million die of COVID-19 in a world of 7.8 billion (.00012 of the population)

How to watch the 2020 presidential debate between Trump and Biden, topics they will cover

Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar connected ballot harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme - "Car is full" of absentee ballots

Trump's tax records reportedly show he paid over $22 million in federal taxes over 18 years

Shaklee finishes global conference introducing new immunity related natural products plus a precision-based nutrition system never seen before

Are Americans going to be ready to pay the taxes due on their unemployment benefit income?

As taxes rise on the wealthy in the Northeast, it causes exodus to sunny Florida

Prius driver attacked going through protest crowd in Hollywood, California (video)

Health Savings Accounts are often an overlooked and attractive retirement vehicle, advantages of having a health savings account (HSA)

Malkemus campaign picks up steam in attempt to defeat Frankel and Loomer

Libertarian presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, calls for Pentagon’s accountability to taxpayers

New Yorker Bloomberg uses his millions to interfere with Florida elections

California’s wildfires are a serious matter, but the official record of the United States shows forest fires in the US today are far below the annual average in the 1930s and 1940s.

Florida unemployment updates

Ellen DeGeneres starts Season 18 apologizing for behind-the-scenes toxic work environment

Is Delray Beach resident Rob Long up to his old tricks while running for public office?

Who is running for Florida State Senate District 31? Well, Tami Donnally and Lori Berman of course

Who is running in Florida's 22nd Congressional District in Election 2020?

Three candidates on the ballot in Florida's District 21 Congressional race, who has your vote?

The clock is not up on TikTok, Trump gives his 'blessing' on deal

New York City to add 10 percent to some restaurant bills

Taxpayers fund "free" distribution of COVID-19 vaccine

Taxpayer money available for Delray Beach residents affected by COVID-19

Abraham Accords signed at White House between Israel, Bahrain, and U.A.E.

FAU Poll: Trump Gains on Biden in Florida, Making Key Battleground State a Dead Heat, Economy Top Issue for Voters and May Explain President’s Rebound

Is Trump joking about trying to get a third term?

Florida voters have more than two candidates to vote for President of the United States

War of Words on gun control between the three presidential candidates

The all-new Hyundai Tucson is the first C-SUV in its class to be available in both short and long wheelbases, depending on region

SpaceX will attempt 60,000 foot test "flight" of its Starship

Will you be the winner of the 1967 Mustang 'Eleanor' made famous in the movie 'Gone in 60 Seconds'?

Chris Evans Accidentally Shared A Very Private Photo On Instagram, And The Internet Went Nuts — UPROXX

Florida House District 90 is a battle between Casello and Maldonado

Flu season starts up in Florida with four outbreaks

CATO Event: Right-skilling health professionals: Replacing government licensing with third-party certification

Adidas adds vegan shoes to its product line

U.S. Department of Education issues important new free speech and religious liberty regulations

Federal court rules packaging of cigars are not under FDA authority to regulate

NBC/Marist Florida polling is flawed

San Francisco gyms have been closed by the government, but government gyms have remained open

Three candidates vie for Florida House District 88 seat

Florida House District 91 race is between Emily Slosberg and Sayd Hussain

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Russia-Linked Election Interference Actors

Florida State House District 89 is a hard fought battle between Caruso and Bonfiglio

Delray Beach Open tennis tournament is on

Unpacking the new Android 11 update

Cinemark Theaters in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach reopen today

America remembers the 9/11 terror attacks today

Commentary: Of the three presidential candidates, who would maximize the freedoms of individuals in America?

Palm Beach County businesses reopen under "Phase 2" guidelines today

What is Labor Day?

Financial expert Peter Schiff reports on the economy and the stock market through his podcast

Tony Horton, of P90X fame, comes back with new PowerNation program

Delray Beach cops to issue $125 / $250 citations for not wearing a mask in public

How to reset your gut health for a positive future

Democrats and Republicans work together to keep Jo Jorgensen off the debate stage in polling fiasco

Federal Judge Strikes Down Minnesota’s Protectionist Law Mandating that Winemakers Use Mostly Minnesota Grapes

Republicans work to keep Libertarians off the ballot in Texas

Florida Amendment 6: Deceased Veterans' Spousal Property Tax Discount

Florida Amendment 5: Extends "Save Our Homes" from two to three years' portability

Florida Amendment 4: Require Constitutional Amendments to be Passed Twice

Florida Amendment 3: A change to top-two open primaries

Florida Amendment 1: Changing "Every citizen" to "Only a citizen"

Florida Amendment 2: Minimum wage on the ballot for Florida voters in 2020

James Bond's 'No Time To Die' set to hit U.S. theaters on November 20, 2020

Ever want to drive a Tesla? You can this weekend in Miami

Dave Kerner faces Jon Maples in District 3 Palm Beach County Commission race

Who Are the New Guests on Airbnb?

Surviving An Active Shooter Encounter Webinar Tomorrow Online

Voting for Trump or Biden more similar than many believe, Jorgensen stands out

A quick look at Google’s higher education model shows why colleges should be worried

New Wonder Woman 84 movie trailer and release date announced

There is ample evidence and real-life examples that show the costs of quarantining healthy children far outweigh the benefits

Dems get Green Party kicked off Montana ballot after pressuring petition-signers; ‘voter suppression’ alleged

Wealth tax found to cost jobs and income for workers while reducing GDP

Jo Jorgensen officially added to Florida list of presidential candidates

Nude tourists bring billions of dollars to Florida

Another poll confirms Biden voters are voting against Trump rather than voting for Biden

Kamala Harris speaks at Democratic Party convention this evening, what she won't be saying

We test Delray Beach's water amid concerns it is unsafe to drink

Democratic Party virtual convention begins today with the theme of fear for viewers

Suddenly that Faraday cage your neighbor created in his garage may not be as crazy as you thought

Cancel those plans to the U.S. Virgin Islands, USVI goes on lockdown starting today

The True Victims of the Chicago Riots, insecure property rights harm the most vulnerable

Jorgensen has a way to go to get into the debates, media and polling blackout doesn't help

Tech titan John McAfee in trouble with the law again, this time for wearing a thong on his face

Another study shows heart health benefits of eating plant-based burgers over beef burgers

Anthony Levandowski sentenced to 18 months in prison, as new $4B lawsuit against Uber is filed

On the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, Voters Are Once Again Demanding a Voice

One of Ayn Rand's lesser-known works of fiction paints a disturbingly familiar picture of cancel culture

Daily Crunch: Florida teen arrested in Twitter hack

Tesla's Autopilot proving safer than human driving

Joe Biden to make his Vice Presidential pick this coming week

Sweden’s top epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says a massive decline in COVID-19 cases shows "the Swedish strategy is working.” Is he right?

Hurricane Isaias downgraded to Tropical Storm Isais as it approaches South Florida

Elon Musk is going to get into your head

Hurricane Isaias will affect Florida's east coast today and into tomorrow

Trump now willing to drop 'liability shield' to move negotiations forward on COVID-19 bailout bill being negotiated in Congress

Hurricane Watch issued for Palm Beach County and much of Florida's East Coast

Here are the 127 files released by the federal court in the Jeffrey Epstein - Ghislaine Maxwell - Virginia Giuffre drama

Panasonic boosts energy density, trims cobalt in new 2170 battery cell for Tesla

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Most Americans' finances are okay for now and 85% are wearing face masks in public

Presidential debates will be held in Cleveland, Miami, and Nashville with 15% poll criteria

U.S. to pull out up to 11,900 troops from Germany

Lyft and Uber have win in federal court over New York unemployment payouts to drivers

Bankrate: Americans are in love with stocks over real estate

China now accounts for nearly one-quarter of Tesla revenue

Mitch Katz and John Brewer Talk Politics in New 'Sunday Morning Coffee and Delray Beach Politics Live' Video

Republican Senators to introduce their stimulus package proposal today, what's inside CARES 2?

Florida ranks 10th in Amazon's list of its top digital entrepreneurs per capita

An Economic Stimulus Proposal That Wouldn’t Cost Taxpayers Trillions

Science on efficacy of face masks for viruses is mixed

Trump continues his war on the free market with price controls for pharmaceutical drugs

Covington teen Nicholas Sandmann settles $250 million lawsuit with Washington Post

Which of the three presidential candidates support ending the War on Drugs?

Elon Musk broke it down for Joe Rogan. What his insights mean for the world’s poor... and for us

Free Virtual Plant-Based Conference This Weekend

Is herd immunity from COVID-19 possible?

Just as George Orwell warned, governments don't have to be the censors for free speech and free expression to be fatally stifled

Restaurant Chain Announces Bankruptcy, Says Minimum Wage Hikes to Blame

Hot Chocolate by Cigar Federation | Cigar Reviews by the Katman — Cigar Reviews by Phil 'Katman' Kohn

Intermittent Fasting Healthy?

New Economist/YouGov poll shows differences Americans have with Trump and Biden, 5% may go to Jorgensen in November

New poll shows 68% of Americans feel the country is "on the wrong track", then they asked about COVID-19

Ironman in Hawaii canceled: For triathlon World Cup — Archyde

Money talks: U.S. town prints own currency to boost coronavirus relief — National Post

La Gloria Cubana Esteli Cigar Review

Bahamas: U.S. residents, you are no longer welcome here (unless you have your own plane or charter)

Whiskey Cocktails To Try Making Yourself This Summer — UPROXX

Most Americans feel the Kanye West presidential campaign is a publicity stunt

The Sierra Club is next to be affected by Cancel Culture warriors noting founder was racist

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman goes after CNBC for deceptive storytelling

Gold, Silver and Bitcoin bugs are singing, they can thank the government's response to COVID-19

Commentary: Are Democrats and Liberal Orgs Spamming Your Inbox With Fearmongering Emails?

Vegan bodybuilder offers a healthier and less expensive alternative to the common fast food sausage muffin sandwich

2020 Congressional Pig Book has been released revealing massive government waste

Fordham student punished for holding a gun in Instagram photo memorializing Tiananmen Square massacre

The Bahamas is open for travelers, albeit with some new health restrictions under COVID

What do people do when the government money runs out and have no job to go back to?

Should Congress actually have to read the bills they vote on?

Publix to require customers to wear face masks starting Tuesday

Third party presidential candidates in Virginia given a somewhat more level playing field

As tensions rise, gun sales rise in America

Apple and Ireland win appeal against the European Commission’s $15 billion tax ruling

Resignation Letter — Bari Weiss

Presidential candidates on Coronavirus / COVID-19

Tony Robbins for President? Some would like him to run but seem confused where he is politically

Marijuana Legalization: Trump and Biden just say "NO", Jorgensen says "YES"

Tesla Model Y Long Range and Performance versions now available to order with the base price of $45,690

Trump commutes sentence of Roger Stone and the Internet goes crazy

Cigar Dave moves from terrestrial radio to expand audience via two new podcasts

Floresta Delray: another vegan option in Delray Beach

Jo Jorgensen accepts Libertarian Party's presidential nomination at their national convention in Orlando

Will warning labels be removed from cigars?

California: Case challenging gender quotas for corporate boards to move forward

Biden and Trump are protectionists, Jorgensen is free trade

The U.S. Postal Service could survive if government got out of its way

What are the best meal kits for vegans?

DeSantis: "If you can do Home Depot, if you can do Walmart, you can definitely do the schools."

Trump's new executive order is expected to help Hispanics with expanded education and economic opportunities

What is the future for gas taxes in Florida?

The unwieldy road of regulations facing food trucks in South Florida

Law firm creates 50-state guide to view the impact of U.S. Supreme Court case Espinoza v. Montana

Democrat, Libertarian, or Republican in November; who will you choose?

We are starting up once again!