Sitemap - 2018 - Karl Dickey

Americans for Prosperity is out with their 2018 Florida Legislative Scorecard -- where does your legislator rank on economic freedom?

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Colorado Baker Who Refused to Bake Cake for Same Sex Couple

Lawsuit challenges Doraville, GA practice of using traffic tickets to 'Police for Profit'

Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County opposes the proposed property tax increase

Binghamton University campus police surveil students and threaten prosecution over anti-racism flyers

Federal Court Approves Historic Consent Decree Ending “Policing for Profit” in Pagedale, Mo.

Palm Beach Libertarians present 'Little Pink House' at the Boynton Beach Cinemark next week

The University of New Hampshire earns top rating for free speech

Haulover Beach receives 2018 travel award

Supreme Court strikes down federal gambling law

Will Trump honor his campaign pledge of protecting the Second Amendment?

Libertarian Party of Florida glad to see strong support for Amendment 4 to restore voting rights of some Floridians

Smokin' on the Hudson event is next weekend!

Why Taking Responsibility for Your Actions Is Essential for Growth

GOP Farm Bill adds additional bureaucracy to SNAP program with no taxpayer savings

New All-Cargo Rights Added to U.S.-Jamaica Air Transport Agreement

Ted Deutch loses integrity as he chooses politics over reason on Iran agreement

New FAU poll shows Florida's Gubernatorial race is wide open

Caballero campaign reaches out to become major force in Florida's Gubernatorial race

Sanctions on Iran cause rising oil prices for Americans

Americans feel the same now as they did under Obama regarding Iran nuclear deal

5 Ways to Learn Fast and Retain More

Syracuse University threatens expulsion of students involved in satirical fraternity 'roast'

Kennita Watson is the clear choice for Silicon Valley Congressional District 17 voters

Florida's U.S. House list of official candidates is out

Florida's U.S. Senate candidate list is now official

Florida's Amendment 4 would end 150 years of disenfranchisement

New study of over 1,000 found no relationship between cannabis use and brain morphology

Florida Supreme Court says red light cameras are legal, but are they safe?

Autoimmune disease and metal exposure: what you need to know

Ron Paul endorses Republican candidate for Florida Governor Bob White

Libertarian Party of Florida puts out press release announcing a gubernatorial primary but only one candidate has filed to run

National cannabis science gathering in Jersey City on May 10th

Local naturists to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day and International Permaculture Day this weekend

The Center for Freethought Equality (CFE) and the American Humanist Association (AHA) announce establishment of the first-ever Congressional Freethought Caucus

With 130,000 Students’ Scholarships Hanging in the Balance, Florida's Supreme Court Could Settle School Choice Question Once and For All

D.C. Parents and Day Care Providers Sue to Stop Rule Requiring Providers to Earn College Degree to Watch Kids

Bicyclists Deaths Increasing on U.S. Roadways

Rocky Patel adds DeSocio series to their line of premium cigars

FDA Regulations To Devastate Cigar Industry And Cost Thousands Of Jobs

Trade wars and Trump’s tariffs harm everybody

President Trump's Predecessors Learned about Steel Tariffs the Hard Way

Palm Beach Gardens to Receive “Most Corrupt Council” Award for Term Limit Scam

The 6 Logical Fallacies to Look out for in the Gun Debate

Two Chicagoans exonerated by DNA evidence and evidence of police coercion

‘Too controversial’: Polk State College rejects professor’s anti-Trump artwork

Welcome Mr. Alexander home after 38 unjust years in prison

Florida Senate Judiciary Committee Should Seize Opportunity to Protect Free Speech on Campus

BBB under attack by veterans marketing group

Americans are moving to states with more economic freedom

Florida Second Amendment rights group sends open letter to State Senator Negron and State Representative Corcoran regarding Parkland massacre

Premium cigars take center stage at federal budget hearing

Oregon lawmaker targets Portland mom with new law to shut her up

Palm Beach County government should help homeless by ending their help

Clothing optional beach in Palm Beach County this summer? Perhaps

Case Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court Asks If All 50 States Must Comply with U.S. Constitution’s Excessive Fines Clause

Student detained by Joliet Junior College police for handing out flyers

Commentary: More political theater as the federal government continues to erode our freedoms

Is Uber a more efficient method to get to the hospital

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