Sitemap - 2017 - Karl Dickey

Will the new tax bill be as great as some say or as apocalyptic as others say?

Austin Petersen dominates marijuana legalization debate to standing room only crowd in West Palm Beach

Hillsborough County voters go to the polls today, will a Libertarian be elected to the Florida House?

College students descend on West Palm Beach to learn more about free markets

Florida Constitutional Revision Commission 2018 schedule has been released

Victory for School Choice in Florida

Libertarians tend to be Christian, followed closely by those considering themselves agnostic or atheist

Florida voters may be able to vote for term limiting School Board politicians on the 2018 ballot

Alabama GOP voters have an alternative to Roy Moore with Ron Bishop

Zemina lashes out at supposed 'pro-farmer' McClure in Florida's hotly contested District 58 special election race

Rensselaer Polytech continues censorship of its students

How states stack up when it comes to job-killing occupational licensing

Rick Rose, international hotelier and Worth Avenue Association Historian, toasted the release of his first book: 'Palm Beach: The Essential Guide to America’s Legendary Resort Town'

U.S. House passes its large tax reform legislation, now off to the U.S. Senate

More Money Is Stolen From Churches Annually Than Is Spent on Missionary Work

2016 Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson takes his case to the Supreme Court steps

"Fake News" Of Kratom Deaths Spurs Demands For Tennessee TV Station Retraction, Reprimands By Georgia County And State Coroners Group

Horseshoeing school sues California for right to teach students with limited formal education

Boca Raton City Council defies voter's wishes for medical marijuana

Foxall kicks off Florida House District 72 campaign today in Siesta Key

CBS Fires Legal Exec Over Las Vegas Shooting Comments

Anti-gun activist buys a gun because Chicago's gun control laws aren't working

First U.S. kratom-related death reported in Florida, should an independent autopsy be performed?

Florida Chamber of Commerce U.S. Senate race poll excludes most candidates

Film Review: 'American Made' starring Tom Cruise - go see it

Where will patients in Palm Beach County be able to get medical marijuana with so many local politicians defying voters?

Florida House District 58 candidate Bryan Zemina speaks out about immigration and President Donald Trump

Filing deadline extended for public proposals for changes to Florida's Constitution

Florida House District 72 race heats up with two Republicans, one Libertarian, and two Democrats

Paul Krugman discovers the problem with presidential power

Documents from Indiana developer detail secret plan to drive down home prices in an effort to reduce the cost of using eminent domain

Foxall announces bid to replace Miller in Florida's District 72 special election

Policy study: E-vapor product bans could violate international trade rules

FBI assist man to allegedly bomb downtown Oklahoma City bank building

Libertarians against Boynton Beach renewing their red light camera program

Movie Review: 'Atomic Blonde' with Charlize Theron

Three Iowa heroin and Fentanyl dealers sentenced in death of one while thousands of doctors remain free in deaths of 15,000 people each year

Americans for Prosperity's Florida legislative scorecard is out -- how did your elected official do?

4 Resorts That Cater To Triathletes

Bowls, vegan foods and charcuterie dominate in an analysis of trendy dishes from January to June

In 60 days, possession penalties will be reduced to a civil violation for marijuana possession in New Hampshire

Institute for Justice Responds To Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Plans to “Increase Forfeitures”

Lamborghini enters the cigar market

Florida Is 2017’s State with the 15th Most At-Risk Youth

The Media Equality Project to Protest at CNN on Saturday, July 22

XOJET Signals a New Era in Private-Jet Travel with a Brand New Suite of Membership Programs Following a Record 40% Growth in Program Sales, a 78% Spike in Charter-Brokerage Business and Its 200,000th Flight

A Powerful Attack on Multiple Myeloma & Lymphoma

AirBnB Property Manager Files Constitutional Challenge To Pennsylvania's Real Estate Licensing Regime

Two out of every three immigrant detainees are held in facilities not subject to the Freedom of Information Act

Credit Scores Cost Drivers up to 113% on Car Insurance

Arkansas Libertarian Party will be on the 2018 Arkansas ballot

Student groups to appeal after court dismisses lawsuit against University of South Carolina administrators

How is the vegan burger at BurgerFi?

A testimony of transformation and hope that illustrates how life challenges can empower in new book 'A New Hope'

Survey finds Americans are yearning for trusted facts and unbiased information about their government

Palm Beach County Clothing Optional Beach Proposal Moves On To ‘Plan B’

Florida Governor Rick Scott floats prohibition of state government doing business with Venezuela or doing business with any organization that supports the socialist nation

Six New York businessmen charged for giving the public what they want

Two Texas men plead guilty for selling a product people want, but the government forbids

Former Audi Manager Charged in Connection With Conspiracy to Cheat U.S. Emissions Tests

Rocky Patel Fifty Cigar Returns

Austin Petersen runs for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican

State of Florida nullifies some of its own election laws

Beer Institute Releases Top Ten Facts About July 4th, America's Founders, And Beer

Only 69 percent of Americans support the First Amendment, according to new survey

California's very expensive free lunch

Best beachside communities to live according to WalletHub

In Major Win for School Choice, U.S. Supreme Court Vacates Colorado Supreme Court Decision, Sends Case Back for Further Review

Minimum wage proven a disaster in Seattle

Top lawyers say divorces are on the rise

Luv Burger launches world's first beach front vegan restaurant in Costa Rica

Supreme Court Rules State Cannot Discriminate Against Religious Institutions When Doling Out Funds for Playground Equipment

Tools That Teach How To Thrive And Not Dive In Life Are Found In Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success

It is time to end the American Bar Association's monopoly on our legal system

Towns in the Palm Beaches tempt cultural tourists this summer

2017’s Best & Worst Places to Celebrate 4th of July + By The Numbers

Chef reveals secrets to her healthy vegan kitchen

Court Rejects Challenge to Georgia’s popular tax credit scholarship program

Florida Gubernatorial candidate Bob White joins term limits rally

Lighthouse Point Council exposes itself to potentially expensive lawsuit after building permit denial

Naturists organize beach clean up at Gulfstream Park

Supersonic plane will fly at 1,074 mph

Increasing Demand for Vegan Diet - Research and Markets

County tourism council votes against clothing optional beach with incomplete information, proponents undeterred

Go light, mid-size or large? Criteria to consider before buying a private jet

'The Godfather' film being shown today for 45th anniversary of its release

Libertarian Party condemns government persecution of Bitcoin exchange vendor

Privatizing air traffic controllers could happen within three years

Cigar Aficionado urges cigar lovers to write new FDA head & President Trump - overregulation stifling the cigar industry

Couple to receive a complete wedding package in Las Vegas and honeymoon in Belgium compliments of White Castle

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation bestows honors on Jimmy Carter during annual reception and dinner in Washington D.C.

Synthetic oil performs nearly 50 percent better than conventional oil in AAA’s tests

Clothing-optional beach proposal moves forward in Palm Beach County

Another way private farmers help the environment, not the government

The G-7's outrageous hypocricy

Police lie to Tiger Woods during investigation of DUI

Kratom association addresses attack of legitimate businesses

Bill Morrison's 'Dawson City: Frozen Time' expands to Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles

Florida Republican Congressman Tom Rooney labeled 'Porker of the Month'

New AAA study finds 17 percent more Floridians are making advanced preparations for hurricane season

Federal judge issues order allowing Mats Järlström to discuss traffic light timing while his lawsuit proceeds through the courts

Occupational licensing is a scam

2017’s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations – WalletHub Study


China business aviation – sunset for aircraft deliveries means new opportunities for MROs

World’s favorite TV shows and films now fully localized on Netflix for Romania

UNC Greensboro earns North Carolina’s second ‘green light’ rating for free speech in a month

CIA Whistleblower spent 23 months in prison for exposing torture program: His story told in new book

Forfeiture Victory: Judge Orders San Diego DA to Return the Slatic Family’s Life Savings

Imagine the Future through Space Center Houston’s Summer Exhibit

Getting arrested for laughing is no joke, it may seem funny but sets a dangerous precedent

Don Quijote, man of free markets

Global Hookah Distributors wins case with Florida tax collector

Iowa Governor Signs Vital—But Flawed—Conviction Requirement for Civil Forfeiture

Boca Raton golf course purchase could cost taxpayers $34 million or more

Libertarian Party of Florida 2017 Convention wrap-up

Update: Justin Amash Releases Statement On AHCA Vote

Florida Libertarians elect new chairman, finish convention later today in Cocoa Beach

Karl Dickey endorses candidates seeking leadership within the Libertarian Party of Florida

NSA will no longer collect digital communications of Americans, but not really

Bottleneckers are killing the American Dream

Since 2012, Warren Buffett has only contributed to Democrats, with the exception of one Republican

Are Boca Raton taxpayers ready to spend $14 million over appraised value for a golf course?

Opioid epidemic can be helped with kratom

Commentary: Trump protesters doth protest too much; he's more bark than bite

Florida's Governor race gains interest between Morgan, Wiseman, and Putnam; Graham expected to announce today

Libertarian Party: Trump’s ‘revenue neutral’ tax proposal is taxpayer negative

Movie Review: 'The Circle' offers a cautionary tale of our privacy

Study: Medical Marijuana Legalization Linked To Lower Medicaid Costs

Florida Libertarians to gather in Cocoa Beach next weekend

Florida legislature decimates medical cannabis and denies will of the people

Free trade as a general rule

He was a middle-school loan shark

Treasury Inspector General: IRS civil forfeiture program "compromised rights" of individuals and business owners

Flagler College sees the error of their ways concerning student free speech

Want liberty? Build your own floating free city

DOJ Inspector General Bombshell: Many Forfeitures Do Not Advance or Relate to Criminal Investigations

East Boca Raton Chabad wins federal lawsuit

Palm Beach Libertarians oppose spending $24 million of taxpayer money on golf course

Local Libertarians support local businesses from proposed Boca Raton alcohol ordinance

Stop misusing the term "health care"

What happens when Trump takes over the Vatican?

Florida Senate medical marijuana bill gets support of Libertarians

Mississippi governor signs bill for civil forfeiture reform

San Diego District Attorney changes story instead of giving back family's money

Is Amtrak ridership on the rise or not?

Miami Libertarians condemn detention of libertarian activists in Cuba

Trump is out with his 2018 budget proposal

Florida Libertarians demand release of political prisoners in Cuba

A last-ditch effort to save e-cigs from the FDA and Big Tobacco

U.S. Government puts business people in a cage for their distribution business

FBI helps Missouri man with proposed ISIS inspired attack

Italy's financial crisis could be worse than Greece

Proposed Florida ban on kratom opposed by Libertarians

New push to end corporate welfare is underway in Florida

Cigar Review: Hampton Cigars - the mild blend

Lawsuit Challenges Mayor’s Mission to Bulldoze Low-income Neighborhood for Private Development

New Book Offers Scathing Indictment of Public School System

Trump and other authoritarians OK with stealing American's money and assets without an arrest or conviction

Duke Energy Florida receives Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

Hamptons International Film Festival celebrates 25 years with 25 films

Asking the government permission to have a YouTube channel?

Just say no to the debilitating drug of Keynesian stimulus

Libertarians are hopefully cautious as Trump moves forward with reducing government regulations

Cigar Advisor Master Blenders Podcast Spotlights Room 101 Cigars' Matt Booth

Libertarian Party to Muslims: We stand with you

World’s Best-Ever Receipt and the Importance of Tax Visibility

SAE International Invites Professionals to Participate on New Additive Manufacturing Polymer Subcommittee

Tony Robbins, Shark Tank Investor Robert Herjavec & Gary Vaynerchuk Sign On To Speak At The National Achievers Congress


Dickey files official complaint against Long alleging campaign finance violations in 2016 election

Missouri School District Agrees to Halt Bible Study Bribing Students with Free Donuts


The estate of music legend Prince signs with Bravado in licensing deal

Libertarian Party warns: Cut Jeff Sessions short

6 Noteworthy Trends to Watch If Careers & Work Life Balance Resonate with Your Readers

Palm Beach Libertarians support rights restoration for those who served their time