Sitemap - 2016 - Karl Dickey

Donald Trump plans to shutter his charitable foundation

International Religious Freedom Bill Heads to President, Includes Language to Protect Humanists, Nontheists

Vermont Attorney offers Audacious Proposal to Amend the U.S. Constitution

Netflix & Red Chillies have announced new films starring Indian movie superstar Shah Rukh Khan

Series, Movie, Series, Repeat: A New Netflix Binge Routine

Cigar Experts' Picks: Top Cigar Gifts of 2016

The Next Killer Social App: Treem’s Integrated Communication Platform

Gratitude is essential for a free life by Jeffrey Tucker

Could the Market Really End Meat?

Lyft generates $9.2 million for Pittsburgh's economy in 2016

Vegan food tasting cook-off a success in Delray

Despite billions spent, government-run education system puts American students math skills at below average

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway perhaps the largest benefactor of Donald Trump's victory

U.S. Government drops civil forfeiture case against college student and returns his money

Facebook works with law enforcement to censor activists

New report finds parents on their screens nine hours a day

No basis found for the DEA to restrict kratom

Federal appeals court continues to restrict ballot access for New Hampshire

PBC Soil & Water win could prove costly for Rob Long due to apparent violations of campaign finance laws

New book reveals struggles of dementia caregivers

Inaugural Classic Auto Show Looking to Showcase the Finest Classic, Collector and Vintage Automobiles for its Los Angeles Show in 2017

MGT Provides Investor Update and Financial Results for the Third Quarter of 2016

Lyft Continues to Build Passenger and Driver Preference, Announces Iconic In-Car Connected Device and Playful New Brand Campaign

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom ends elephant rides

Former New York Stock Exchange Executive announced as CEO of Conotoxia, Inc.

League of Women Voters Statement on Election Night Results

Torch Cigar Bar's First Cigars with the Stars Draws Mega Celebrities

Largest nonpartisan voter protection coalition Election Protection urges voting reform

Florida approves expanded medical marijuana amendment

Donald Trump elected President of the United States; Trump at $5.30 per vote and Clinton at $12 per vote

Synergy Comp Ranks No. 4581 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 With Three-Years sales Growth of 54%

Top 4 Trends Impacting the Global Soy Milk and Cream Market Through 2020: Technavio

Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt Announce Benefit Concert At Standing Rock To Stand In Solidarity With Standing Rock

League of Women Voters provides complete candidate information for voters

California Supreme Court asked to review West Hollywood shakedown

Top South Carolina newspaper endorses Gary Johnson over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

OP-ED: A Lesser Evil by J.C. Peters

Nex– unveil plans for a new Royal Air Force Museum to mark the RAF’s Centenary in 2018

Explosive new book interrogates the "new intolerance" on British and American campuses

Most accurate presidential poll tracker has Johnson having major influence for 2016 election

How a former banking exec found success in the premium handmade cigar business

Rubio and Murphy debate, but where is Stanton? Is the system rigged?

Companies plan to launch McAfee branded Bitcoin mining pool

Johnson-Weld Campaign: The Democratic Media Machine is at it again.....false stories

2017 Genesis G80 earns the industry's highest safety designations

McDonald's reports third quarter 2016 results

2017 student showcase of films now open for submissions in Palm Beach County

Lawsuit challenges South Carolina’s shutdown of innovative online eye exam company

Libertarian candidates pledge to contain and reduce government authority

Snipp, Lyft and Tito's Handmade Vodka team together to promote responsibility

Paul Stanton not to share debate stage with Patrick Murphy and Marco Rubio

Gary Johnson out with new foreign policy video

America's most accurate pollster to launch election 2016 daily tracking poll

Law professors discuss sexual assault laws following claims made during presidential campaign

Johnson makes near final plea to supporters

Envoy America partners with Lyft To give seniors more options to stay independent and to age at home

Cision releases its top 100 election journalists

Emirates kicks off Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Route with special fare offer

Libertarian chair invites outraged Trump loyalists to split their tickets

Class action lawsuit challenges New York City’s unconstitutional no-fault eviction program

Libertarian candidates pledge to localize education

Bob Hilliard announces United States Supreme Court will decide border shooting case

Hurricane Matthew: Direct Relief Offers $100 Million in Medical Inventory, Commits Initial $250,000 in Cash to Emergency Response

Federal Appeals Court: Taxis’ claim to medallions “Borders on the Absurd”

Commentary: Trump supporters flee his campaign, will Johnson be the beneficiary?

Anti-Price gouging legislation endangers Floridians

Pornhub offers $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Kim Kardashian robbers

Libertarian Party: CPD shuts out millions of voters again

Alleged victim tells AM560 'The Answer' Host Dan Proft she is speaking out about Bill and Hillary Clinton

Live from Google’s mega announcement: Pixel phones, Android updates, 4K Chromecast and more! — TechCrunch

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownies

The top 10 greatest hits of WikiLeaks 10 years - 10 million documents

France shows that 'free' college is neither free nor fair

Johnson & Johnson Warns Patients of an Insulin Pump Cyber Bug

Even with Johnson's gaffes, he remains the sanest choice for president over Trump or Clinton

Gov. Gary Johnson releases medical information, perhaps fittest 2016 presidential candidate

Paul Krugman actually gets something right

Why was coffee drinking once scandalous?

President of French Polynesia welcomes Seasteaders to discuss 'Floating City Project'

Jennifer Le Nechet is elected World's # 1 bartender

Saudi Arabia issues statement on JASTA

Libertarians pledge big tax cuts, ending the Fed, and government financial transparency

California Governor Jerry Brown signs major civil forfeiture reform

It appears Stanton will be on stage with Rubio and Murphy in October debate

Liberty Tour 2016 hits the road; will visit 40 states before election day

Has Gary Johnson plateaued in his bid for president?

Virgin Hotels expands into Silicon Valley

Gary Johnson reacts to first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump

Family tragedy leads to discovery of powerful gift that could save them all in new book 'The Truthful Story'

Marvel offers a sneak peek of 'Doctor Strange'

State of Florida unveils voter education toolkit for the upcoming general election

Panamera 4 E-Hybrid and 911 GT3 Cup to debut in Paris

Ed Asner will moderate the Open CCSD Candidates Forum

Jason Vale to share stage with Tony Robbins during London's National Achievers Congress next month

Our America Initiative endorses 2016 marijuana ballot initiatives

Eighth annual Food Sovereignty Prize honors grassroots organizations calling Big Ag's bluff

New rewards program announced for Uber drivers and riders

What are Libertarians doing since their candidate Gary Johnson is not in tonight's debate?

Commentary: 26 percent of Floridians have never heard of Gary Johnson and 30 percent don't know enough about him, the general media is to blame

Tecate Light builds a wall to unify, not divide in latest Born Bold spot premiering nationally surrounding the first presidential debate

Florida city can’t promote and lead prayer vigil, says humanist group

Palm Beach Libertarians gather in Lake Worth for concert to support presidential candidate Gary Johnson

Florida Libertarians start one day fundraising effort today with a telethon

List of upcoming South Florida events popular with Libertarians

Watch this 17-year old kid explain why he won't go to college

Pit Bulls are neither monstors nor Teddy Bears

Palm Beach County resident enraged by large parking fine, pays the fine in pennies

Orange County, CA city is sued for banning 'for sale' signs in parked cars

Millions are exposed to Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on 60 Minutes show

Gary Johnson to appear on 60 Minutes after being denied the stage in first debate alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Parlour Vegan Bakery's East Boca Raton location opens to large crowd

Commission on Presidential Debates deny Johnson a place on first debate stage even though that is what a majority of Americans want to see

PuroExpress launches Merchant Cigars - their own brand of premium Nicaraguan cigars

Gary Johnson is polling higher than Perot in pre-1992 debates

Cigar Review: Synergy Golden Circle Churchill

The power of play: Using play to bring out the best in children with autism

Cinkciarz prepares the world's first currency app for Microsoft Hololens

South Florida Whole Foods host events benefitting Whole Kids Foundation

Death and taxes in the 21st century how to breathe new life into an antiquated, unfair tax system

Kratom Proponents Present 120,000-Signature Petition To White House To Stop DEA Rush To Ban Coffee-Like Herb In U.S., Seek Opportunity To Comment

Breaking 100-year tradition, conservative newspaper endorses Johnson instead of GOP nominee

Cigar Review: Romeo Y Julieta Havoc

Libertarian Party requests national security Briefings for Johnson/Weld

Pebble Beach Resorts now has XOJET as official private aviation partner

Court of Appeals will hear two lawsuits on breaking up taxicab monopolies and allowing ridesharing

Most Americans are voting against a presidential candidate rather than for a candidate

Looks like Paul Stanton will be debating Patrick Murphy and Marco Rubio next month

Medicaid is a ticking time bomb

World’s biggest golf retailer files for bankruptcy

Famous Smoke Shop releases the Seven Deadly Sins Premium Cigars Edition

Tax Revolution Institute stands with Bridge Alliance to 'rise above the political divide'

Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast says "The Clintons' War On Women" book is "hard to put down"

London officials call on government not to rush ratification of Paris Climate Agreement in light of Brexit

Gary Johnson makes one last plea to get on the debate stage alongside Clinton and Trump with full-page ad in New York Times

Local food truck Curbside Gourmet to compete in national competition

Dr. Deepak Chopra to bring life-size HumaGram™ technology to Jiyo in partnership with ARHT Media and NetDragon

Local Chick-fil-A gives high schoolers a 60-day challenge, who will win?

Johnson wins with the military and is on the ballot in all 50 states, becomes viable alternative to Clinton and Trump

Author Richard Jorgensen reveals ‘The Manifesto’

Libertarian federal candidates pledge to end crony capitalism

Boynton Beach to talk red-light cameras; might end the program — Southern Palm Beach County

Palm Beach is one of the top ten tax-friendly places to retire in Florida, Naples tops the list

Majority of Colorado residents oppose ColoradoCare

Triumph Motorcycles to attempt land speed world record on Bonneville Salt Flats

With 65% of Americans feeling country is on wrong track, they want to hear another voice in the debates other than Trump or Clinton

Florida elections office orders manual recount CD 2

Florida Libertarians officially oppose three Third District Appeal Court judges

U.S. Census Bureau: First College Co-Eds

Philly Vegan Homecoming Celebrates Being Vegan in the City

Scorecard of U.S. House Congressional members as rated by free thought organization

Johnson at 12% in new poll against Trump, Clinton, and Stein

The top 12 cigars your wife will let you smoke

Why are There Not Taco Trucks on Every Corner?

‘IJ Asks Why’ Initiative Will Hold Governments Accountable for Infringing Americans’ Right to Economic Liberty New Report Outlines Seven Simple Steps Cities Can Take to Foster Economic Opportunity

All Veterans Deserve to Hear Gary Johnson Speak At the IAVA Presidential Forum

Samsung Officially Recalls the Galaxy Note 7 After Finding Battery Problems — Fortune

Did Senator Michael Bennet know about loopholes and exemptions favoring Iran?

Libertarian Adrian Wyllie releases dystopian thriller, cautionary tale

Despite state law outlawing civil forfeiture, Albuquerque continues to seize and sell cars of individuals never convicted of a crime

Alabama law requires out-of-state speakers to travel to Montgomery for training

Most Florida Libertarians had little trouble voting in primary but a few weren't so lucky

Florida's three-way race between Murphy, Rubio, and Stanton for U.S. Senate

Libertarians 'Occupy the Primary' today across Florida

Where are South Florida Libertarians going to be over the next month

Private and corporate relief efforts crush it while Louisiana and federal government efforts remain inferior

If you are voting by mail in Florida, make sure your ballot is reached by officials in time to be counted

Denver networking event announced for cannabis professionals

Father and daughter convicted for distributing their business product through voluntary exchange

DEA announces several marijuana-related actions

Rental inspection program to be heard by Minnesota Supreme Court

NRA will not consider hardcore gun activist for endorsement because she's a Libertarian

'Mobile' gun-free zones leave gun owners defenseless

The 'Victory Tax' on Olympic athletes

Proposed iPoker bill amendments are a bad bet for poker players

Savor the flavors of fall's bounty during the 20th Annual Cape May Food & Wine Celebration

Advice to the young freedom lover

Christian veterans display in front of New Jersey public library challenged

Gary Johnson receives major support in Miami at over-capacity rally

Georgia land grab: city seeks to bulldoze family-owned small business

New tests find significant decrease in bee-killing pesticides in "bee-friendly" plants

Now marking its 25th anniversary, the Institute for Justice has worked with the left and the right to defend the Constitutional rights of ordinary Americans

The Growing Crisis of Excessive and Unfunded Retirement Benefits for State and Local Bureaucrats (and a Libertarian Quandary) — International Liberty

Commentary: The stupidity of the proposed Italian law to criminalize children eating vegan

Presidential debates take center stage, who will be on the stage?

Movie Review: 'Indignation'

Iowa and Ohio in play as Johnson reaches 12% in key states

More confirmation that the meat you are eating is killing you faster than if you ate plants

Why Airline Speeds Have Stagnated for 40 Years

Afraid of Technology? Here's the One Rule to Follow

Tesla Autopilot Drives Owner to Hospital During Pulmonary Embolism — Fortune

Federal government arrests business people for selling what the public wants

Largest shareholder of Publix Super Markets hopes to keep Florida patients from receiving beneficial medical treatment through donation challenging Amendment 2

Cigar Review: Montecristo Buena Fortuna

Cigar rights organization sends open letter to the top three presidential candidates

Latest polls show Libertarian Johnson significant threat to Clinton and Trump

Little guy wins in New Jersey eminent domain case

Gluten-free food products market to reach $4.89 billion by 2021

Where Florida stands right now on marijuana laws and where it is going

Republicans continue to jump ship from Trump and the GOP to Johnson and the LP

Palm Beach Libertarians conduct survey and the results are surprising

Johnson announces #15for15 money bomb to get in the presidential debates

10 pitfalls and promises of collecting fine wine

Quicken Loans ranks highest in primary mortgage servicer satisfaction for a third consecutive year

Louisiana eyebrow threaders file lawsuit against pointless licensing requirements

Florida Whole Foods Market offers lunch program to children

Delray Beach-based Sober Network Inc., founded by local entrepreneur Dr. Harold Jonas, wins first place in national Opioid Recovery App Challenge

CNN to Host Second Libertarian Presidential Town Hall

Florida Libertarians open Bern Recovery Centers to help Bernie Sanders supporters cope with their loss

Movie Review: 'Jason Bourne'

New push to have computers use less electricity

Should a restaurant be forced to serve me?

Politicians look for the exit after Trump and Clinton as nominees, find it in Johnson

Female VCs Are Way Better Than Men at Picking Successful Women-Led Startups — Fortune

Florida voters almost out of time to register to vote or change their voter registration

Fun and flavor experimentation to escalate e-cigarette consumption

New report finds licensing laws are tangling braiders in needless red tape

Libertarians speak love, welfare, drugs and the Democratic National Convention

Florida legislative scorecard out today

Commentary: Democrats try to whitewash the past on first day of national convention

Artie Lurie signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Which presidential candidate would save America the most

Netflix to be exclusive global streaming home of FX’s American Crime Story franchise in 2017

Tony Robbins grads congregate in South Florida

WikiLeaks, Clinton, Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC and Sanders - sounds like a fun mix

Mark Cuban not on the Donald Trump bandwagon, will he go for the Johnson?

Grifoni first candidate to qualify for Marco Island City Council

Apricot Lane Boutique offering must have back to school 'Fast Fashion'

Atheists sue Kansas City over $65,000 handout to Baptist convention

Facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential fines, Hinga Mbogo fights Dallas’ state-run gentrification

Are Colorado voters going to vote for a $12 minimum wage?

Why I Am Voting for Gary Johnson for President & Supporting the Libertarian Party — The Libertarian Vindicator

Tesla’s master plan part two is huge for the company — TechCrunch

Indigo raises $100M and launches first commercial product for water efficiency in cotton

Scientists confirm the Antarctic Peninsula continues to cool

Broward Libertarians endorse Stanton to go up against Rubio and Murphy in Florida's U.S. Senate race

Trump officially forgives $47m in loans and campaign has over $20m in cash

Florida to get first legal medical marijuana dispensary

Canadians to get an eye full later today with near naked PETA supporter

Brodeur has tough road ahead with Edmonds as challenger in Florida House District 28 race

Heroin deaths replace those of the formerly legal pain clinics

Florida House District 90 candidate responds to League of Women Voters' candidate questions

Thomas Knapp writes about the 9/11 report and those missing 28 pages

Republican Donald Trump confirmed challenger to Libertarian Gary Johnson

10 Floridians immigrate to Israel on chartered flight

Veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone will sign his Clinton book in Cleveland today at Barnes and Noble

Day one of Trump's GOP convention is a mess

Libertarians say ending drug war will help reduce police shootings and call for an end to militarized police

Florida residents sue to protect their free speech rights on their private property

How the three presidential candidates reacted to the Baton Rouge police shooting

Will Fake Honey Save the Bees?

This wave-power company’s stock jumped 75% with PowerBuoy announcement

Gary Johnson’s Speech to FreedomFest 2016

Free Virtual Reality Lightsaber Game Coming Monday from Lucasfilms

We often hear about the horrors of trade deficits, but what are they and are they all that bad?

Libertarian Party welcomes Jeb and Mitt into the fold as both Republicans remain #NeverTrump

Movie Review: 'Tony Robbins: I am not your guru'

Study reveals the states where people love their jobs the most – and it’s not where you might think

New results from poll on Americans encrypting their information so the government cannot access it

'Tony Robbins: I am not your guru' documentary out today on Netflix

Clean Energy Employs 66,000 Pennsylvanians

Legalization nationwide of medical marijuana estimated to reduce Medicare costs by nearly half a billion dollars

Organic Coconut Milk, Debuts Two New Organic Coconut Products

'Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru' private screenings in NYC and the Hamptons hosted by DuJour Media

David J. Moore out with 'The Good, the Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars'

National Tax Watchdog Launches The First Independent Audit of the Internal Revenue Service

New poll: Clinton 40%, Johnson 10%, Stein 5%, Trump 35%

Like most Americans, Charles Koch doesn't like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Americans adopt more Libertarian policies as they want more freedom

Libertarian Lurie out with statement on police shootings

Tesla's Model X, now starting at $66,500 after incentives

YouTube Pays Billions, But the Music Industry Says It’s Not Enough

We give blood for 'money', why not a kidney?

New Bill Would Overhaul Licensing Laws in Washington, D.C.

Like most Libertarians, Jennifer Aniston has grown tired of media's failed journalistic integrity

This Is What Will Get More Women in the C-Suite — Fortune

Bernie gives in to endorsing Hillary and her 1% capitalist cronies

Obama sends 560 U.S. troops to Qayara air base in Iraq

‘No Field Test is Fail Safe': Meet the Chemist Behind Houston's Police Drug Kits

Over-Policing Is Rooted in Over-Reliance on Politics

Prime Day and our Weekly Meal Plan — My Plant-Based Family

The Six Most Important Takeaways from CBO’s New Long-Run Fiscal Forecast — International Liberty

Florida Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Stanton takes aim at his primary opponent Invictus

Newly elected Florida Libertarian endorses Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate

Pokémon GO Shows How the Free Market Can Get Kids Moving Again When The Government Failed

JetBlue's premium Mint service just got a lot better for East-West coast travelers

‘Secret Life of Pets’ Had a Massive Box Office Weekend Debut — Fortune

Here’s What Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thinks About Donald Trump — Fortune

Fla House Libertarian candidate, Artie Lurie responds to Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops

True to form, Greenspan is late to the gold party, not happy about Brexit

A Robot May Soon Fix Your Car — Fortune

Johnson equal with Trump and Clinton with independents

Gila County Republican Party Votes to Censure Senator McCain

California Election Poll Has Gary Johnson at 10% — The Libertarian Vindicator

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton could spoil the Northeast for Libertarian Gary Johnson

Haulover Beach celebrates 25 years of freedom in the buff

Austria: The up-and-coming early-stage investment capital of europe — TechCrunch

Libertarian Johnson: Drug war ‘root cause’ of police shootings — Libertarian Hippie

Infused Cigars: What are they and why do they just “work”? —

The Entrepreneur as Voyager: The Story of Joshua Slocum

7 Senators challenge FDA ruling on premium cigars

Dallas Police sniper killings were blow back for other officer shootings

Libertarian Party calls for an end to all Violence

The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes — Fortune

Florida Libertarians denounce targeted killings of Dallas Police officers

Protectionism Will Not Make America Great

Commentary: You need to suck it up and vote for Johnson

Defiant David Levy forced from Palm Beach Gardens City Council via term limits

The Small-Business Appeal of the Libertarian Party — Fortune

81 percent of likely voters: ‘Powerful people get preferential treatment when they break the law’

Tax Revolution participates in upcoming Netroots Nation & FreedomFest events

Matt Damon, ‘Jason Bourne’ star, calls for U.S. to ban guns ‘in one fell swoop’

Jamie Dimon Says JPMorgan Could Move Thousands of Staff out of U.K. — Fortune

Sneak Preview of the Next Chapter of the Bourne Franchise Debuts on NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Networks and NBC UNIVERSO on July 16, NBC on July 23 and Telemundo on July 24

New Poll: Most Americans still do not know who Gary Johnson is

Adam Kokesh goes off the grid in his bid for sovereign freedom

Missouri Funds Shouldn’t Go to Church Preschool, Humanist Group Tells US Supreme Court

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet must fix Obamacare: Proposed health care plan rate increases as high as 40 percent

Will Algorithms Persuade People to Drink More Wine? — Fortune

Libertarian Party says laws should apply equally to all

Dallas Files “Land Grab” Lawsuit Against Hinga Automotive, Pursues State-sponsored Gentrification

Nissan expands its free charging promotion as electric car competition from Tesla and others heats up — TechCrunch

Complete Seasons of All Previous CW Scripted Series, Including ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ ‘Jane the Virgin,’ ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ to be Available Exclusively on Netflix

Libertarian Gary Johnson interviewed by Bill Maher on HBO

Fatal Tesla Crash Suggests Autopilot ‘Blind Spot’ — Fortune

Media plays dangerous game in marginalizing Libertarian presidential candidate

New poll shows Johnson closer to debating Trump and Clinton in the fall

CNN Libertarian Town Hall gives Gary Johnson much-needed media boost


Taste of the Future: Cool Cups’ New Cool Foods Division Debuts Deliciously Versatile Veggie Bacon Bits™ Made From Protein-Rich Prebiotic Pinto Bean Pulses

Humanist Group Chastises US Supreme Court for Failing to Uphold Women’s Rights to become world’s largest aviation jobs portal


Marvel's Doctor Strange - New Teaser Trailer Available


Representative Mike Honda Introduces Legislation to Honor National Day of Reason

The Latest Trailer for "The BFG" is here

Disney’s upcoming live action THE JUNGLE BOOK

Libertarians offer why John Kasich is unfit to be president

Concerned Veterans for America Statement on Colorado Springs VA Denying Veterans Care

Which presidential candidate will you vote for at the 2016 LP National Convention?

Vegan 101 - Back to Basics - Delray Beach Event

Principles of Liberty hires Chelsea Spencer as Executive Director